What is the Body Glo by Laura Experience?

When you get a Body Glo by Laura spray tan, my top priority for clients is a fantastic experience! What makes the Body Glo by Laura experience different is not only some unique extras, but they are included within the price of your glo session--it's not just about your tan color. There's more to it. And you should never have to pay extra for a great experience! Here's what's included...

1. Color consultation and custom mixed color based on skin tone and desired glo

2. Head-to-toe details for a flawless application and experience! 

  • Silk Moisturizer Application: Proprietary Fantasy Tan pre-spray tan moisturizer for hands, elbows, knees and feet to prevent dryness and color brassiness; these tend to be the dryer parts of the body

  • Hair net to keep color away from hair and hair color

  • Nose filters to prevent inhalation of overspray 

  • Lip balm on lips used as a barrier to prevent the solution from staining your lips when spraying the face 

  • Disposable bras and thongs available for comfort

  • "Sticky feet" worn for sanitary purposes and to avoid getting overspray on the soles of your feet

  • Blow drying your skin to keep you warm (the solution goes on a little chilly) and to prevent any sticky feeling while your tan develops

  • All-over drying powder application for a soft, silky feeling and to prevent bronzer from smearing and also from feeling sticky (some salons charge extra for powder, but powder is included in your session price at Body Glo by Laura)

3. Carefully, hand-sprayed application and troubleshooting for any natural skin discoloration or skin conditions

4. Your color mix is also kept in your file so that you get the same application each time or you may choose to have a lighter or darker glo depending on your goals and the occasion.