A Time Like No Other

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Hello My Dear Clients~

We have entered into a time like no other, at least not in my lifetime anyway. For a small business owner like myself, these days are hard, scary and unpredictable. And I am certain you are feeling the same as these early days of our lock-down are just beginning. But how often have we wished we had more time at home with family? To organize the closet? To clean a room? To read a book? To meditate? To take a breather? Does your mind go to the worst case scenario? Yeah, me too. But what are those silver linings that can make a difference is these uncertain days to come? 

Remember the art of the conversation? Do that. Remember writing down hopes, dreams, goals? Do that. Remember writing a letter (for some of us)? Do that. Play with the dog. Go for a walk. Put together that thing-a-ma-bob that's been sitting it your basement for months, years. How about that crafty stuff that took hours to pick out at Micheal's and you lost your artsy mojo? Now is the time to get on it!! We all need a pleasant distraction. 

I know that many of you are very disappointed about canceled spring break trips. I am disappointed for you. And who knows what's next in terms of large or small gatherings on the chopping block. My prom girls and graduates, my hope is that you still will wear that fab dress and walk that stage. My brides, I wish you that perfect day, but know that the day is just a day. What you endure together during this crazy time will mean more down the road. What is happening today may seem grim, the new normal. But make the best of the gifts that have been placed in front of you and don't ignore the opportunities, whatever you decide they be.

I wish all of you good health, love and peace as we hunker down in the weeks to come. Find some time to reflect on what's important. Before we know it life will be back to normal, and by that time it will definitely be time to get your glo on and I will be here for you. In the meantime, light a candle, make a wish and breathe. Click on the image below for some meditation music and enjoy a little "Sunny Palm Beach." Namaste! 


Laura xo 

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