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You are about to embark on a tropical adventure. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine...imagine an island. Which island?
Any island.


Daydream of palm trees...the rolling sounds of the waves...the sweet scents in the air. Think mangoes, pineapples, coconuts, bananas.


Ooze over the luxurious textures of organic oils like coconut, olive, almond, and jojoba on your skin.


Let your mind wander and dream to the fragrance of  lavender flowers and wafting rich chocolate.


Skincare products made with organic and natural ingredients, sourced from some of the finest producers.


This is the Body Glo by Laura Skincare experience…

Get ready to get your glo on!


Body Glo by Laura Natural Skincare Products

Signature Pineapple Mango Body Butter  

This creamy, tropical scented treat is perfect to hydrate dry skin from fun in the sun! It's a Body Glo by Laura Skincare favorite!  Made with 100% pure, vegan mango butter, organic coconut oil, pineapple and mango essential oils. Use on hands and feet and wherever skin is dry. Can be used after a shower or with moisturizing mitts or socks. You are luscious!

8 oz  $24.00            

Coconut Banana Exfoliating Scrub

This scrub makes your skin so soft and delicious. Made of organic coconut oil, coconut sugar, and organic banana extract. Use as a weekly or daily scrub to exfoliate dry areas. Good enough to eat!

8 oz  $22.00            

Shimmer-n-Glo Bronzer

This natural glo powder is made with organic arrowroot powder, organic cocoa powder, jojoba oil, lavender oil, and natural mineral mica powder. Use over foundation on your face, over cheekbones, or contour along the hairline, chin or along the nose. Or use for a little night out shimmer on your shoulders and decolletage. You glo so pretty!!

8 oz  $20.00            

Choco-nana Lip Butter

This luscious lip butter will have you lip lickin' delicious, perfect for severely dry lips. So emollient, made from organic soy, organic cocoa butter, organic olive and castor oil, chocolate essential oil, banana extract. Use on dry lips  or when you need to reduce your dessert calories!


Glo-at-Home Self Tanning Kit

7 oz Sjolie self-tanning bronzing mousse; mitt kit: pre-tan exfoliating glove, two mousse applicator mitts for body and face; 4 oz sample exfoliating scrub; small sample size pineapple mango body butter, shimmer powder and lip balm; coupon for $5.00 off your next full body Body Glo by Laura custom airbrush spray tan!


All orders come with this cute little palm tree charm to put on a chain, a bracelet or place somewhere to remind you to take a few minutes to escape! 

Call, text  or email to place your order: (708)695-7331 or bodyglobylaura@gmail.com


* Prices do not include tax

**Body Glo by Laura is not responsible for any adverse or allergic reactions. All ingredients are listed and are organic and/or natural.(Exception: Self tanning mousse made by Sjolie. Ingredient list available.)


More natural products coming soon!

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