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Laura Nozicka
Your Spray Tan Artist, Performance Tan Specialist and Glo Master

I was introduced to custom airbrush spray tanning more than six years ago when I became a performance and competitive ballroom dancer. I loved the natural look of the tan and the confidence it gave me on the ballroom floor. After more than 25 years in corporate America wanting to pursue entrepreneurship, I decided to bring custom spray tanning to the performance community and to anyone looking for that natural glow for weddings, vacations and special occasions.

One of the spray tan solutions I use, Fantasy Tan, is one of the premier tanning systems in the world. Custom color mixing gives you the glow you desire without making you look orange, blotchy or muddled. Solutions include natural ingredients and has a pleasant fragrance. The spray tan equipment is developed with medical-grade technology with very low noise.


My training was and continues to be hands-on, in-person instruction. Many companies offer online-only training programs and that just will not do for my clients. This is a business of art, science and hours of perfecting this skill. My training offered detailed instruction on spray technique, skin analysis and the art of color mixing to get the perfect glo...perfect for you! I use many other spray tan solution lines for all reasons, seasons and special occasions!